EVE-NG – Setup, Build, and Testing Notes

Here are some notes I took that may be helpful when building your EVE-NG workbench.

Directory: Lab folders including the QEMU snapshots

You’ll find the QEMU snapshots of your modified lab VMs here.  It will be formatted like: /[POD_ID]/[LAB_UUID]/[NODE_ID].


Save/Update your baseline QEMU image

Go into the node’s folder in the directory explained above, and run the following (double check the qcow2 filename):

/opt/qemu/bin/qemu-img commit virtioa.qcow2


Connecting your lab to the Internet

In VMware Workstation you’ll want to edit the .vmx file for your VM and add the following line:

ethernet0.noPromisc = “FALSE” will put the interface into promiscuous mode,

QCOW2 file won’t load properly in VNC

Right click the node and go to “Edit”.  Go to the “QEMU custom options” and try changing “-vga std” to “-vga qxl”.  This fixed a blank screen issue for me.


Run the initial setup again

Remove this file to clear the configuration and trigger the initial setup on next boot:

rm -f /opt/ovf/.configured


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