Powershell – Send a message pop-up to a computer

Might need to mod the registry for it to work.

If getting “Error 5” the following registry key might need to be activated :

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server

Name : AllowRemoteRPC


Value : 1

Function Send-NetMessage{
        Sends a message to network computers
        Allows the administrator to send a message via a pop-up textbox to multiple computers
        Send-NetMessage "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system.  This is only a test."
        Sends the message to all users on the local computer.
        Send-NetMessage "Updates start in 15 minutes.  Please log off." -Computername testbox01 -Seconds 30 -VerboseMsg -Wait
        Sends a message to all users on Testbox01 asking them to log off.  
        The popup will appear for 30 seconds and will write verbose messages to the console. 
        ".",$Env:Computername | Send-NetMessage "Fire in the hole!" -Verbose
        Pipes the computernames to Send-NetMessage and sends the message "Fire in the hole!" with verbose output
        VERBOSE: Sending the following message to computers with a 5 delay: Fire in the hole!
        VERBOSE: Processing .
        VERBOSE: Processing MyPC01
        VERBOSE: Message sent.
        Get-ADComputer -filter * | Send-NetMessage "Updates are being installed tonight. Please log off at EOD." -Seconds 60
        Queries Active Directory for all computers and then notifies all users on those computers of updates.  
        Notification stays for 60 seconds or until user clicks OK.
        Author: Rich Prescott  
        Blog: blog.richprescott.com
        Twitter: @Rich_Prescott

    Write-Verbose "Sending the following message to computers with a $Seconds second delay: $Message"
    ForEach ($Computer in $ComputerName)
        Write-Verbose "Processing $Computer"
        $cmd = "msg.exe $Session /Time:$($Seconds)"
        if ($Computername){$cmd += " /SERVER:$($Computer)"}
        if ($VerboseMsg){$cmd += " /V"}
        if ($Wait){$cmd += " /W"}
        $cmd += " $($Message)"

        Invoke-Expression $cmd
    Write-Verbose "Message sent."


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